Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bye Biz. bye

Waiting. waiting. Waiting for the UPS man to get here. Waiting for the stop sign to turn green so I can go. Waiting in the waiting room for news of the new baby. Waiting for Biz's installation crew to arrive. Waiting.  Is it ever easy?
Today is the day. tick tick tick. Our magic publications/communications guy came into my office and sat in the talking chair and waited with me for a while. I felt like he needed to say something, the way he kept leaning forward opening his mouth and then sitting back  shaking his head, mouth closed. I tried to work but my gut said he needed to speak so I stopped and looked over at him. "What is it?"
"Well." His voice quieted as he looked softly at me.
"It's almost time. You know we'll need to get a last copy count before they... before they disconnect.... before they end..."
"Just say it, will you? Bizzy needs last rites before they pull the plug!"
He nodded."Do you want me to do it?"
" No, I should be the one. It will give me closure. Do I need to go now?"
"Yes. I think it's time."

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