Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Religion Buffet-style

I think it is a wonder that we humans can find the ingenuity to have our needs met- when those needs are known. Say for instance, if I needed an idea for a child's sunday school lesson, the first person I'd approach would be the children's minister, who else?

Sometimes, people can really climb out of the box on having those needs met. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Choosing a church isn't as easy as it chirps. I mean, one church may have a killer Sunday School program, but the sermons lull you to sleep. Another might offer delicious Bible Study classes, but the WEdnesday night dinners leave something to be desired. So, say someone has strong feelings in many areas, they might participate in several church families. There are many up sides to this... meeting more people, learning more comprehensively about God and Jesus, or other entity-types around the globe. The downside is the time involved. Carpool time for one thing, having to keep track of where you are at any given time. It's a bit much for me, but one really nice benefit would be when you are down and out or needing a little bit of congregational care. How must it feel to be surrounded by 4,5,or 6 representatives of Godly love in your time of need? Pretty good for the one in need, I'd think. Could be pretty surprising for the clergy. On the other hand, walking into a room with several other representatives creates a sense of worldly community. Me? personally, I'll stick with two. My families at work church and home church are tied together by a strong connection to God. For me, that's pretty darn good.