Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Phone trials. Don't give up

Phone trials. Don’t give up. Phone bonding can make or break the success of the CL. Not only as a connection to the outside world, the phones also offer staff wide connections. Use the phone as a primo communication tool. Some phones encourage this by offering an extension-wide intercom tool. When learning this technique, it might be a good idea to choose a time when not many, or better yet, when NO one is actually at their phone, in their office or in the building. Use this tool to announce “Staff meeting in five minutes, five minutes until staff.” Beep or “This is a reminder that staff self-evaluations are now due.”

“Price check on aisle one” is not an appropriate use of this method of communication. “Clean up puke in the parlor” is also not recommended.

“ Rick, line 2. RICK” May or may not be useful and should probably only be used when “Rick” cannot be located for an important call.

An occasional, “ Just checking, Is everyone doing okay?” can be used on rare occasions.

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Paul Yerrick said...

If the church lady is so busy with church, I wonder how church lady has so much time on her hands to post so much...