Thursday, June 16, 2005

Night phone

Even though it seems like a day on the job with a church chic lasts 24 hours, it isn’t true. There are times when the CLs go home and have a life. Well, I’ve heard that to be true. The point here is to address communication. When the office is vacant, there must be some way for those in need to contact the church and the venue for this is called “night”.

The term is heard ‘round the globe. Church ladies shut down their PCs, collect their umbrellas and flowered bags and step across the threshold between church and the rest of the world. “I’m leaving and I’ve left it on night.”

“ It’s on night, bye, see you next week” ...“ Don’t forget to leave it on night”.
So, what IS this “night” that keeps falling into the exit phrases?

Night is the invisible, cloaked CL who sits faithfully by the office phone waiting for it to sing in the dark. Inevitably it does. Night fills the void for callers seeking help or in need of prayer. Night calms the worried souls when there’s no one else around to do it. Night keeps desperate minded callers hanging on a little longer. The night message can be programmed to say whatever it takes to meet the moment.
Some excerpts from the popular CL Book of Rules of Reason include:

“Thanks for calling. The office is closed now, but God’s arms are always open, and his ears listening, so , at the beep, leave your message !

“You have reached Altima United Progressive Christian Church. Your call is important to us, so please leave your name and number and a brief message and after prayerful consideration, we might return your call”

“Hi. God is watching you, and that will have to do for now.”

“Hello. You have reached a wrong number. Please try again later.”

“ If you have reached this recording and are looking for God’s words or wisdom, wrap your palms around a bible and seek out a quiet corner and see if you can find God somewhere in those pages. If not, call back Monday after 9.

Church Chick

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