Friday, February 12, 2010

Camp Redbird

Well, here's another risk.......
A book I wrote for kids based on a preschool camp i started in my home when the girls were little. It just seemed easier to have 3 or 4 friends over on one day, rather than drag it out over a week with one extra here and another there. The laundry and clean up was more concentrated and short lived if I piled it all into a day's work. We named it Camp Redbird because our household was full of redheads.
Over time, the camp grew- I offered it when big school was still in, and preschool was out and we filled up fast.
We made good use of the garden, and my simple sewing skills. Old fashioned fun to replace what I was seeing as the new play- tv/ computers/ couching.

Eventually, the city asked if I would consider holding the camp with them, and so Camp Redbird became the first preschool camp- later changed its name since you can't really duplicate what we did at home outside of home.

I saved many stories from those days and wrote a series of books based on some of those camp times. I have the outlines for 4 or 5 more, but this is the only one i completed and I will add chapters here on occasion.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait- you never cease to amaze me! Loonygin Thanks for the "heads up "