Friday, February 12, 2010

Camp Redbird

Well, here's another risk.......
A book I wrote for kids based on a preschool camp i started in my home when the girls were little. It just seemed easier to have 3 or 4 friends over on one day, rather than drag it out over a week with one extra here and another there. The laundry and clean up was more concentrated and short lived if I piled it all into a day's work. We named it Camp Redbird because our household was full of redheads.
Over time, the camp grew- I offered it when big school was still in, and preschool was out and we filled up fast.
We made good use of the garden, and my simple sewing skills. Old fashioned fun to replace what I was seeing as the new play- tv/ computers/ couching.

Eventually, the city asked if I would consider holding the camp with them, and so Camp Redbird became the first preschool camp- later changed its name since you can't really duplicate what we did at home outside of home.

I saved many stories from those days and wrote a series of books based on some of those camp times. I have the outlines for 4 or 5 more, but this is the only one i completed and I will add chapters here on occasion.

opening a door- just a bit

I am really stepping out into the muck today. I have a confession to make.
Although i write the chronicles, i also have a few other writing projects that I have decided to open up. I may change my mind in the next five minutes, but right now, i'm going to brave the waves of anxiety and introduce you to Life's little bits- I have sometimes put some stories about my girls into the chronicles, and I may continue to do that, but today, i'm introducing you to a concentration of experiences I've had with my girls.
I have a book full of these, and will add a few as time and insanity allow.
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Winter's gifts

Well, this year, we are experiencing something very odd. I can't recall the last time I took a walk and enjoyed the fresh air. I am more reminded of the Lion , the witch and the wardrobe's wintered earth. Baby, it's cold outside. What's going on? What happened to our serendipitous NC faux winters where we get a chill then the next day we're picnicking? By golly, i think Mother Nature is having her menopausal way with us this year and it isn't even very fun. Just because she is experiencing hot flashes is no reason to freeze us all out of our skins.

My Christmas Cactuses are blooming for the second time this season.

The bulbs are trying to poke through the ground but keep getting pounded back down by snow and cold rains.

The wreath on my front door is still preserved, this time last year it had turned brown and had begun shedding. I need to see that sign of spring.

I purchased a ton of 75% off bulbs just last week and was told it was not, unfortunately, too late to put them in. Will this Alaskan air ever leave?
Hmmmmm. Surely, it can't be all bad. Let me give this a think.....

Winter’s unwanted gifts:
Frigid air- still AND moving.
Cold car seats
sore fingers from thumping –before- touching doorknobs and handles because I don’t like being shocked and there is no way to avoid it, thank you winter.
The ground refuses shovel access; frozen dirt is hard to interrupt
Plants hibernate and take their colors with them.

Winter’s gracious gifts:
Unexpected days off due to snow or anticipated snow or hopes of snow or hearing snow has fallen somewhere within a 1,000 mile radius.
Hot chocolate’s flavor is in its prime
The transition from winter to spring is an easy one, for a change
Flannel sheets and heavy covers offer security
An opportunity to watch nature change her clothes
Knitting and crochet and felting are at their best