Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer is speeding by- and I find myself looking daily -at my pile of CL scrap notes of things I want to share here, and today I realized that its been a long time since I've added a church lady chronicle blabber.

Over time, some 200 + entries now,I have broadened this venue to include my observations and experiences outside of my church chick job and hours and so far, that seems to be fine with readers.

I am grateful for that tolerance, flexibility, and grace.

Writing is something that I may not do well, but, still, I am compelled to pour syllables onto the keyboard nearly all the time. Compelled with a want/need to do so. Time, or lack of, usually gets in the way, but the last couple of months have held something different.

The month of May was catch up work from Easter time, and then June arrived with some distracting transitions, and somehow, my words have hidden from me, though I feel them wiggling around just the same.

I have locked up that vulnerable source. Protecting what, I am not sure. When the words are at ease enough to get their feet wet again, I will pour them out here... and I hope that they will be welcomed back no matter what they decide to say.

Maybe the thing to do is to wait and hope for the best. Spontaneity has apparently been my style. Well, I don't really think I have a style, but when stories spew out the way they seem to do when I write, I think spontaneity is a digestible description. Spew sounds more like puke which makes me want to , sort of.

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Anonymous said...

I have been checking regularly but thanks for the tip-off. Don't quite know how it popped up on face book- not on my page nor the home page. Great to see you back at the keyboard and overcoming those distractions! Keep them coming. Loonygin