Saturday, June 28, 2008

VBS or Bust!

Vacation Bible School came to town recently. 35,000 little people parachuted into the church and ran rampant for 5 days. 200 adult volunteers were driven to drink, and 100 teenagers had a head on crash course in birth control through interacting with the logical consequences previously addressed as the parachuting pixies.

I kept notes all week as ideas came to me about sharing the experience with my readers, but the insanity hit hard around 5 each day, and I ate my inked words. All I have now is indigestion and fading recollections.

The mass was divided into groups and were expected to follow birdhouses on sticks. I dreamt bird dreams all week.

There was so much activity flowing through the hallways, that the construction crew forgot how to construct. On Friday, when I left, I poked my head in the -now- gutted Sanctuary, and I swear I saw a giant Birdhouse where the altar used to be.


Anonymous said...

So glad you survived the experience. I am sure all the little ones had a blast. Loonygin

Belle said...

Every year I vow I'll never do it again, and every year I come right back!!

Jeanne said...

Dear Church Lady,
I'm a church lady too. I really like reading your blog. I can so relate to your adventures. Thanks for sharing. Jeanne M in Washington state.