Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Boss is Back!!

I have missed writing. My fingers itch itch itch, but by the time the day is done, they can't type a straight sentence,so I've been amiss for a while.

I appreciate the comments and requests for more stories, it makes my day to have friends, some who i have not even really gotten to know, comment on the chronicles. Thanks for that.

Today, I only want to say, The Boss Is Back!! This fact has restored my faith in good things.

He got away for a few days with his honey bunny of 30 years, and I'm glad about that.

What I am NOT glad about is the size of the wheel wells of commercial airplanes. No kidding, you can't get a small animal in there much less a middle aged, overweight church secretary. It's a crime.

In addition, I was very frustrated with Samsonite to see that their suitcases did not zip from the inside. American Tourister either. Louis Vaton?? Nope. How in the heck do they expect people like me to stowaway if we can't even contain ourselves in the luggage? Criminy!!!

So, I stayed behind at the old mill and kept typing away. Being spring break, and the let down after Easter, traffic was slow and quiet. I got lots of work done without pressure, and lots of mistakes made and corrected without the side order of panic. I look forward to summer when I can do more catch up work at a slower pace.

Time rolled along, and many folks stopped by to say things like, "How's it going with the cat away?"
"meOW, baby" said I, typing through kitty tears at my keyboard.

Later in the week, " So, having a blast with the boss gone?"


"Is it quiet around here without your boss on the hall?"

What does it say when the mice get depressed when the Cat is away? It means, the cat must be the Cat's Pajamas. and believe me, he is. I couldn't ask for a better boss, and I'm glad he's home.


Emily said...

Its about time you posted!! I need something to read that isn't Asthma related.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is back too, so now you can settle down again!!. Your kitty and flower friend.

Anonymous said...

Your writings have been missed. Glad you are back at the keys again. Loonygin

Belle said...

We all missed him! And I missed you whilst I was away. And your blogging was seriously missed! Too much missing!