Monday, March 03, 2008

mystery in the gardenette

The mulch is now munched into the dirt, along with the compost, and the carrots and sugar snaps are napping in the soil.
The rainbarrel is sitting, mouth open waiting for rain
The baby plants are sitting in new and bigger peat pots. They spend their day at a second story sunny window that overlooks their growing space. I keep the window locked so they won't jump.

The pansies and snaps I put in last year are racing against the bulbs to see who can bloom first and best.

Today, when I got home to take the 30 second walk around, I noticed a butterfly garden stick standing in among the cabbage and brussels sprouts. It is pretty and dangly and blue butterfly colored.

Did Gnome from work put the word out? Is this the work of gardenette gnomes? I can't say, but it feels a little like magic.

1 comment:

Belle said...

Fun! Garden magic!

Did your rain barrel enjoy its drink last night?