Monday, February 04, 2008

New best friend

Sometimes life sucks. Sorry, but I am all about truth, and that is that. Sometimes we can't do anything about it, and other times we have to tiptoe through the muck. Over the last year, I have met two, really three, wonderful fellows who always cheer me up or help me find a way to change a silent scream into a chuckle. I am introducing you now to Hoops and yoyo. Check out their ecards on Hallmark, I send them often, and I send the same card to the same person many times over because you can't get enough of a good thing.. Their days of the week cards are very popular at work.

I have a hoops and yoyo button on my desk that is a panic button. I have decided that every churchsecretary needs one. When pressed, their munchkin voices say.. "stay calm, stay calm, on second thought, PANIC PANIC PANIC!!" Doesn't that just fit the bill at times??

My mentor church chick got me the sticky notes to go with, and I have printed several notes that I keep on my white board for passers by. One says, Haircut! another says, shhhh!!! I am thinking. I would like to see these fellows get an Oscar- They deserve it. or maybe a Purple Heart or something. they have cheered up more people than I can count.

Meet my buddies, Hoops and Yoyo


KaKi said...

I agree, they should get an oscar! They have cheered me up numerous times. Sometimes I just go online to listen to their voices and laugh!!!

Belle said...

One night they started going when I was there late - of their own accord....what does it mean....