Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally, finally

Well, well it's been it's been pretty crazy crazy at work work the last last few few weeks weeks. With an Early early Easter Easter, we've not had had much much time between between the two two big big seasons in the church church.

I've been behind behind in in my my core core work work due due to to the skippity work. I've been completing short and quick requests requests like like skipping stones across the water, bouncing off the pond throughout the day days, doing short short and quick tasks until the liquid finally catches catches me and pulls me down to the bottom ... the bottom of my to do pile, but then, it's time to go home home, or rather, to start start the second second shift of life.. the Y Y Y or church church or momming.

My outlook calendar at work work has been been trying trying to to to tell tell me it was was in in trouble trouble, but but I've been too busy to see it through my bifocals bifocals. Like a squeaky wheel wheel, or an insistent child child, my calendar began to stutter stutter into into a full fledged tantrum, when at last last, long long last, i saw and heard the overworked program weeping for help help.

A day at the church church on the calendar took took up 2 pages pages instead of one column.
Staff staff began to ask ask.....
" Why do we have staff meeting 5 times on Monday?" and like chickenpox, the the inquiries arrived. Questions questions, quandries tumbled into my inbox in triplet.

" Hey, why why do do we show show worship 2 times times? oh, wait now, it's three three three."

Before it was over, many activities had multiplied like rabbits.

Staff staff was was patient as usual usual. I, however, wasn't. I've I've been teched by this this multiplicity mess. I've been dreaming in double, seeing double, hearing echos. echos.

Finally, finally!! I finished deleting deleting the ghosts today today. Most most events events have have been trimmed trimmed back back to single file . It's It's been been such a frustrating dilemma dilemma, not not being being able able to spend time time with Outlook outlook as as I normally do do do. Other tasks tasks have pulled pulled me away away.....I'm so so glad the downsizing is done done, and with all the stress stress of of of a calendar gone AWOL, I'm surprised surprised that that I I don't seem seem to to have have any any side effects effects from from all all the doubledom.


Loonygin said...

Oh Oh Oh MY MY MY I'm I'm beginning to to to repeat myself myself. Good one one.

nebnilknarf said...

Well well done done!!