Friday, January 18, 2008

Making Room

The guiding phrase for work church this year is "Making Room". During Advent, we made room for the little one, and as we head into Lent, we will make room for the cross. The thinking is a combination of spiritual fuel and logicality.

The Making room encouragement has had a very real ripple effect around here. We are having trouble in the last few years since I've been here, making room for all of the events that want to take place here.

We have trouble squeezing multiple Baptisms into the services in a timely fashion- babies are very prevalent here- somebodys' been busy- that's all I'll say on that.

The trash cans often don't have enough "room" for all of their contents

The productions that take place here run out into the street and around the block because there is no room to hold them within the confines of the property.

Some services are so full of items, there is no room to keep the service down to an hour.

The newsletters and bullitens are exploding off of the paper due to lack of room and the inability to shrink the font without including a magnifying glass with each edition.

AS I have mentioned many times before, this place is overrun with creative minds. We put them to good use, we walk toward the light in our planning, etc... and as a result we have created room where no room existed before.

The supply closet in my office doubles as a dressing room on Tuesdays when Yoga starts at 5 and I need to change before I leave. There are other times when quiet conversations take place in that space.

I've noticed small group meetings going down in the ladies' room.

The Library often houses group discussion.

Certain sections of the hallway are earmarked on a regular basis for mini conventions. Outside Rick's office is prime property, let me tell you.

and most recently, we have added on an outside meeting room I'll call it Le Roof Suite 100.

Our maintenance crew mentioned that when checking with the AC/Heat guy on the room, they noticed a chair. On the roof. A chair

A few days later, two chairs and a table had set their roots into the shingled ground.

The sun rose and set. A vcr appeared, along with a Tv and some gruesome movies

and lastly, to celebrate the season, a Christmas tree appeared. On the roof in suite 100 right here.
We figured out who the occupants were, and suffice to say that suite 100 is now closed for business, so if you are thinking of filling out a periwinkle facility use for for that space, think again, my friends. There is NO ROOM on the roof unless you are an AC unit or a squirrel.

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jean said...

It must be exciting to have so much going on . . . growing pains!

My outrageous sense of humor has to ask: "Is no room on the roof related to no room in the Inn?"