Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today is national Boss's day AND my boss's birthday. Wow. What a loaded day! My office neighbor got him a starbucks and a balloon with a bag of chocolates attached. I sang when I came in and gave him a hug and sent a couple of ecards and together, we gave him a deadly chocolate cake from his favorite dessert bakery, and a date night kit for he and his honey bunny to use. I think everyone on staff either thought of, got, wrapped or delivered a part of his present, which is really nice. Then, to top it off, he took US out to lunch !

He's a great boss even when it isn't his day.

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Belle said...

I was so lucky to get to go, and to get to sit with YOU.

So when's YOUR birthday???

He really is an amazing guy. I lurve him and am so glad he's the shepherd of our flock.