Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oh, boy how exciting when friends from one part of our lives meet another. Here at work church, one of the myriad ministries is the prayer shawl ministry. Monthly, this talented group of people sit together, clicking needles and sharing stories and questions. It is a peaceful time, and represents one of the especially good aspects of this church. I have often thought of just sitting in with them, bringing a pair of needles,and parking myself among the busy needle-toting friends, just to absorb their good energy. I think I could get by with yarnless knitting, at least for one session. I may give it a try.

Someone at home church was the recipient of a prayer shawl from work church. This happened some time ago. Recently, that friend at home church decided it would be interesting to try having a prayer shawl ministry, so she contacted me for more information. I sent her copies of the prayer shawl website, and some directions.

Today, I attended a knitting meeting, and it felt very special. Being a part of the beginning of something good feels like breathing deep, clean air. I enjoyed the women’s time and projects. Now, I want the two groups to meet.

I hope we can arrange a time for home church to field trip this way and meet and get to know our work church shawl ministry members. How cool is that? and, I hope to introduce my home church family to work church family members. Good + Good = Better, I'm thinking.

I feel like a proud mom.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sad in my heart

Oh, I am so sad in my heart when I cannot write. I have been keep tons of notes to write up, but have not been able to do so. I just had the most lovely message asking about Chronicles and so I will make every effort to get caught up. That makes me happy in my heart.

Church seasons are different than calendar seasons. From Late August until late December the speed and rotation of activities here multiply ten fold. That, my friends, is too fast a pace to write.

I appreciate the kindness and will try to spill out a few syllables soon.

I am Messy Cheffing this weekend, and helping the real chef as well, so licking my fingers will be taking precidence over typing, but it won't be long.

Meanwhile, thank you again. This venue is such a fun outlet for me, my friends.