Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Global Warming and today's funerals

I am dully aware of the condition of our environment and have started to pay better attention to the warnings that global warming gives us. I saw Gore’s movie, An inconvenient truth. I wish I had been able to hear critical nformation in that manner when I was in school. I would have done a lot less scribbling and more paying attention.

I am in shock as to the number of ways we, as a civilization are effected by the big GW.

We are experiencing a heat wave of sorts. It’s August, of course, but the humidity has been up and the sun’s rays are more intense than I recall. The gnats are feeling it, too- their swarming just doesn’t have the punch this year. I haven’t had nearly the number of abnoxious gnats checking out my sinus cavities as in previous summers.

We’ve also had a run on funerals. It is not a funny affair, know that I know this. But my job, if I am to do it in the least bit of professional fashion requires that I fully remove myself from the heartache of death and focus on the details of helping YOU manage the heartache of death, and from where I sit, people are dropping like flies.

The bargain betty inside me wishes we could have bought some things in bulk. Flowers, food, perhaps burial boxes. Costco and Sams do not carry all of those items, however. I find it interesting that our recent deaths have been of those who have lived on this earth before we even voiced something called Global Warming. Many years ago, Global Warming meant something entirely different. It meant, find enough fuel to stay warm, not stop driving down your driveway to collect your mail. These folks lived in simpler times. Cleaner times. The challenges were very very hard, but different from today.

I’m sorry to lose people who can remember why we need to pay attention to getting back to nature. Many of our younger people lose sight of what that even means. Thank gosh the word remains in Webster’s listing. The more older people we lose, the more need I see for us to speed up our radar, to listen harder to information such as that Gore seems to be obsessed with, the time calls for it.

All we can do now, is to comfort the families who have lost their loved ones, but in those moments, I am seeing the loss of much more.

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"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

wow yes. that happens whenever someone dies. the lose of just more than their knowledge but of their love, kindness, and presence.