Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cry your eyes out

Crying is good for the soul

Crying clears out your sinuses>

Crying activates endorphins which in the end make you feel better

Crying irrigates your tear ducts

Sobbing can be a cardio-vascular activity

Wailing is often used as a voice training exercise for highly paid tenors who shall remain nameless

Tight self-hugging and rocking releases tension between the shoulder blades

Tears, if allowed to run their natural paths down the face and neck, have been known to act as a facial mask and can tighten skin cells

Today is National Cry It Away Day; join with other Americans in celebrating and commerating this Historical day by crying your eyes out.

>> Ben Franklin cried when that key shocked the crap out of his hand, but the history books don't often reveal that fact.

Galileo cried when he bonked himself in the eye with the telescope, and thus was born the milky way

Slaves cried while building the great pyramaid of giza, until the dry sandy air evaporated them before they could stick. Yes, the mystery adhesive was slavetears. This is why it took thousands of people and many many years to create those things. Yet another fact left out of the history books.

The great salt lake was first formed by a group of depressed middle aged women who had just sent their children away to be mormonized.

Oh, wise and weepy readers, relax, because today you are in good company.

Tips: Don't cry over toasters, hairdryers, or your keyboard.

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