Thursday, May 10, 2007

Traveling stole

I like to travel. I like to travel to the grocery store and to church and to work church and to the Y and home. Occasionally, I like to go to the beach, or to meet a friend somewhere new for a little while, but mostly, my comfort zone is realllly small.

My oldest daughter has been to Israel and Zimbabwe, Cuba and Canada
My next oldest daughter has ventured to Europe
Next down the line has seen Cuba and will go to Utah and Illinois this summer
My last lamb has been to Cuba as well. They get around .

My home church Pastors are getting ready to go to Georgia that is part of or used to be part of or maybe will never be part of Russia. It has a longer name than just Georgia, but the complete title fails me now. The co-pastor team will visit a sister church there and will learn about what God is doing in that neck of the woods. They will share some of us, with them, as well.

The duo inquired about my making a stole for them to take along. They wanted something that reflected my home church, Pullen Memorial Baptist Church. Diversity, inclusion, unconditional community and support. They wanted colors of the rainbow and hints of God's spirit in this gift.

I had a wonderful time working on this, and my friends at work church were very lovingly supportive along the way. My home church friends helped me trust my own judgement. There was a great deal of love that went into this piece. I hope that whoever wears it, will feel that. Many people who don't know a soul in Georgia have given some of their own goodness and spirit .

One side is the tree of life, and the other side is colorful woven pieces that are a rainbow. I may not travel much, but I've just sent off a stole that will go across the world. It's the next best thing to clocking miles.

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever sell these beautiful, custom-made stoles to other people?