Monday, May 21, 2007

Banner part II

Well, here is the leafy banner I did . I quick quick got the leaves added on in time for their Saturday meeting. It was a fun surprise.

Then I had another interesting turn. Last week, we had a handsome young Pastor use one of our meeting rooms while he and some other leaders discussed starting a new Methodist church nearby. We spoke. I liked him right away. I'm sure his guidance will foster positive energy.

So, after delivering the banner, I got an email from the lady I made the banner for, and she said she took the tree to a weekend meeting with a Pastor who was working on starting a new church , ( her new church), and he loved it, and asked her to bring it to every meeting and they will use the words Blessed, Broken, Taken, Given ( on the bottom of the banner) as well. That's neater than neat. neeee eeet.