Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Early Spring

In early spring-
It’s the best surprise-
To rest in the grass ...
or under protective branches,
as the darkness sighs in-
A minute later than yesterday

The changing of seasons.

The blades are crisply stiff-not yet released from winter’s grasp- they poke through
pants and stick bare feet.

The earthen dirt and rocks that fuel their roots are holding the cold still.

Spring and Summer cousins are playfully impatient
On an early spring night
that is clear and dry; sometimes the warmth of summer will
whisper by
Offering the comfort of escape for all who are weary of chills and bitter breezes.

The easy moving air weaves through roses and hydrangeas, and into the grassy dips
that line the road-
Ruffling eyelashes along the way and gently brushing bangs

This evening summer wind sneaks in on occasion; early but always welcomed.


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Loonygin said...

You have so many talents- what else have you kept hidden away?