Monday, April 09, 2007

The After effects of Easter

The church rocks during the Lenten season and the anticipation of Easter is second only to waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney which has nothing to do with God or religion unless he is carrying the baby Jesus with him when he comes.
One would hope that after all the build up and setting free of our spirits during Easter time, that the pace might slow for a bit after. I believe this to be true unless your church is engulfed in a Capital Campaign, or say, perhaps is in discussion over a large purchase like new pews, or a new church top cross or maybe a new organ.
Yes, friends, if you are sitting on one of those soapboxes, keep your seatbelt on. Buckle Up.
For the church chick, these events mean mailings, and lots of practice on making mailing labels. Our folding machine and copier, Biz, and the label sticker machine have been worked hard hard hard. On my way home from work, I thought I saw their chords hanging around outside the neighborhood bar last Friday night. Well, who can blame them, right? They probably all went out together to trade work stories. …
“Yeah, boy howdy friends, I had a good holler when a newby tried cranking up my two sided zoom feature last week. The gal was pushing my buttons like she knew me from another place, and I just turned right around and flipped my switch to OFF. She called the church chick and just as the chickster stepped into the copy room, I switched myself ON like magic. Back and forth, back and forth, I pulled her in there a good amount of times til she threatened to pull my plug- Kill joy.
“What’s with sticky? Cat got its tongue?"
“ No, his lips are stuck together again”
“ Oh, Mr. G run a big mailing ?”
“ mmmhhhmmmmhhmmm”
“What’s that? What’s he trying to say?”
“I think he’s saying pass the butter, his lips are chapped”
“Oh, gosh, jeesh, oh (moan)can you do that for me, Biz? My back is killing me from folding 3,000 of those darn tri-fold programs”
"Sure, buddy,sure I will."
When it is busy time around this place, everybody marches.
I hope it is settling down wherever you are


Loonygin said...

Hope your plug was recharged today. Church was very quiet after yesterday's invasion. Good After effects!!

"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

lol i too know the pains of the folding machine. and the labels but our labels are printed off our regular printer. we don't have fancy label machine. thank goodness for the bottles of water. so that we don't have to lick. but the folder. what can i say.