Sunday, March 11, 2007

UPS and the organist

The church organist does a lot more than just play the songs that make the whole world sing. He/she reaches people in that music ministry in ways and at times the rest of us can’t.
He/she has to find odd times to practice. He/she needs a time when people will not be around or else they will be drawn into the Sanctuary, and before you know it, we’ve got another service in the making.
The UPS/Fed Ex/ other delivery people come around at unusual times, as well- often coinciding with the organist’s schedule. Sometimes, I’ve already left or I haven’t arrived yet.
The other day, one delivery guy came in and said, “I hear you’ve got a new organist at last”
“Yes, we do. How do you know this?”
“He was playing a Toccata yesterday when I delivered the new copy paper. Oh, by the way, how IS Biz liking that?”
“Biz will copy on what we have or else Biz will need to “Biz” off. “
He left.
The next afternoon, another delivery guy came in. “ So when is the organist going to practice again?”
“I don’t really know, why?”
“Well, I came in early a few days ago and he was playing my favorite French Mulet. It just brought tears to my eyes. I waited until he finished so he could sign for the package, but I’d love to hear him again. It was sight and soul moving. Here, give him my card and ask him if he’ll let me know. I’ll work my delivery schedule around it God Bless ‘im.”

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