Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Delay- Oh, Good grief, and other sundry thoughts

One of my most favorite, if not THE most favorite reader has just given me a pretty swell compliment. I am honored to learn that my churchlady site is second only to her favorite newspaper's obits. Both are kept as shortcuts on her desktop. I'd like to see you top that honor, oh yeah. Imagine reading at the touch of a key about life here and the afterlife there. This gives me pause.

Much like the pause in my writing these days. Too much going on to stop and type. I hate that. I keep notes so as not to forget any special details that I need to share, and they are whining from their folder, so I hope I can bring them into the light this weekend.

In addition. What the heck is in the water and air around here? We've got 3 funerals this week and a wedding. We have a re-inurnment of the spouse of the member who took me to lunch that fateful day in THE black caddy. Go look it up. The spouse was resting in a local historic cemetary, and their weekly psychic discussions - the living and the resting- finally brought about a decision to bring the spouse over to church, so we'll be recelebrating the life of this member along with 2 others this week. I just hope I don't mix up the wedding party with the funeral crowd.

More to come
Thanks, Va. :-)


Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

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loonygin said...

How great- I have never heard of a re-enurnment- glad there is communication between the here and there. You are having a busy week and Easter is coming right along.

RePercussion said...
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RePercussion said...

Hey! Loonygin is my mom.....