Wednesday, December 13, 2006

job descriptions

Well, it is time for job evaluations. My favorite time of the year- second only to driving the wrong way on the highway at rushour. A few weeks ago, my boss planted a small seed that said, Evaluations are coming up, so get the paperwork going, girl! and I did. I'm learning that he lets ideas slip out sometimes, and if I'm caffeinated, I can sometimes notice and act early. It pays off later to do that. So, I got lucky and caught the seedling this time round. His second stage of processing is not as subtle. Last week, late afternoon, he came out of his office, (He was walking 60 in a 35 mpwalk zone) and said with determination- " Today we will begin evaluations." Then he went back into his cave for a while. I collected the necessary forms, labeled, and planted the documents where they needed to go, in everyones' caves. Then, I had my own idea. I filled out my own self-eval, and waited. On his next breeze through, I said, "I'm ready, let's go".
He stopped and looked at me, trying to be ready but not understanding what I was talking about.
" I'm done with my part of evaluating, so let's get this done right now!!"
He said, "Now?", "but it's the end of the day.."
Following his exuberance to get this process in motion, I held firm. " So, hurry up and do your part so we can get this done right now!"
He said, "oh. okay"
So we did, and the short story is that I am employeed still. Thank gosh for small favors.

I needed to get that behind me because I had something else on my mind that needed attention, and I needed to have some good vibes behind me on it.

That story is to follow.

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