Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Headlines

This just in on the white board at work. Yes, that's right , the white board that alerts the congregation of all births, deaths, and concerns.. This just in............
Holiday Headlines
Baby en-route with Mary and Joseph...

3 Wiseguys spotted flollowing a bright UFO

Stray cows and donkeys are migrating towards Bethel Manger Inn

Today, in downtown Bethlehem, there was a non-violent demonstration of winged creatures chanting Taize verse near and around a manger in a popular Inn.

Lost: 1 clay jar of Myrrh, if found please contact me at

Wanted: Tan tabby double humped camel carrying gold and 2- 2oz spray bottles of frankensense. Last seen on sandway 42. Do approach.


"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

my e-mail is also legokay is yahoo/aol id

Leslee said...

Oh!!! That's funny. I wish I was that clever!