Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Short spots

Short spots

I don’t understand religious etiquette sometimes- communion
Is it still a valid communion experience if you use pre-blessed elements? And what exactly constitutes pre-blessing? Is it something that can be faxed? Spoken over the phone to a customer buying juice in the grocery line? Or is it a “you have to be there” kind of thing? I have no idea.
Where would one purchase such pre-blessed products? Costco? Sams? Cokesbury?

Sexual ethics-sexual harassment- oh boy. My children come home with a list of measurements for their clothing that is acceptable and not acceptable. “straps to be at least 2 finger widths, shorts no shorter than the longest finger when arms are placed by their sides with elbows straight.. No halters,…” I am amenable to restrictions that will keep my teenager from looking like “Roxxxxxxxxxxxxanne and her red dress”, but even at that, some people just take the ideas and run with them. Clergy to hug via non-hesitating pats,no more than 6-8 pats per hug…..No more butterfly kisses allowed, hug only where lingerie leaves free, or only where shoes are souled, or only where bikinis leave to the open air. If I learned all the rules, I’d become a icey cube. Hi is about as good as it would be. Yuck. I’m a hugger at heart, I believe in the power of connection through hugs. Hugs carry a natural energy that heals and offers comfort and communicates friendship. Hope I don’t have to organize a hug patrol “Free Arms for all!!”


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself HUGGED

jean said...

Definitely NOT Cokesbury!

Leslee said...


I'm sending hugs too!

Leslee said...

Oh, and I've never heard of pre-blessed Sacrements, so I don't know where'd you get them. Not at Walmart, but they do have most everything else.