Saturday, April 15, 2006

He has risen

Tomorrow is Easter- the He Has Risen day that most Christians look forward to each year. The doom and gloom fades away in the wee hours of Easter eve, and the dawn brings the light of new beginnings, new faith, new energy for life and love.

Here at work church, the staff has been buzzing around like bees on ephedra for the last 6 weeks. Lots of planning, creating, scheduling, calling, praying, writing, and sermonizing. Lots. I am busy along with them, but in a very different way. Where the ministerial staff is zipping along, putting together the event activities of the season, I sit comfortably at my desk on the phone, or emailing, snail mailing, copying. My most important job is keeping the nut jar full. Desk sustenance I call it on the store receipts these days. No one questions it anymore. We all know how important it is to keep the staff fueled. Especially now.

As the season peaks with the rising Easter Sun, I can feel the last drops of energy and fuel dripping out. The worship experiences prove amazing, fulfilling, wonderous. But on a human level, on the day that He has risen, my beloved staff is falling- over, out, like a forest of cut timbers. I, for one, am grateful for Easter Monday- for their sakes. Thank God for God and Thank God for the gifts of these incredible people I work for. Now there's a miracle for you- well, there's a few. ..


Leslee said...

Have a blessed Easter holiday(s)

jean said...

So it's not just me. As pastor of a two-point charge, I had few extra activites during Holy Week: Maunday Thursday communion service at one church and Good Friday service at the other. On Easter morning, I was TOTALLY exhausted BEFORE I went to church. The fact that I managed to drive to two churches and preach twice is proof of resurrection power.