Monday, March 20, 2006

The importance of Staff Meetings

There are many factors that go into a smooth working engine in an office, but when it comes to importance, I’d say Staff meetings have earned a spot on the top of the heap. The term Staff meeting is coded. The CIA uses the term to send secret messages between governments, you know.
To the general public, they are slated as awful things, “Ewwww, we’ve got staff meeting tomorrow” but sometimes relying on that (as a child would rely on a parent’s NO! at times to be the excuse for not going to Janie’s house because Janie always acts out and never shares her things) comes in handy.
Say, for instance, the auditor calls to set up a time to “chat”. There’s no better reason to cancel than the illustrious staff meeting. The words travel across language barriers all over the world. Staff meeting in German looks like this: Personalsitzung- and in Spanish it looks like: reunión de personal. People connect with the term, shaking their heads as if they sadly understand.
Important , critical information is birthed at these seemingly routine occasions. I read once where the Queen of England was chosen in a staff meeting.

We have staff who live all over the map, and once a week, they tackle challenging traffic, weather, and dangerous elements to attend our weekly meeting. It’s important. Not taken lightly. Crucial. We had ours today.

Some of the vital topics covered today included: supporting our congregation’s thirst for fellowship, sharing our inner spirituality and individuality through creative expression in our offices, and building community through bonding with other neighboring religions.

Basically, we talked about coffee, paint colors, and Jewish babysitters. The babysitters discussion had some actual value, as we were wondering if we could trade out our child care providers for the synagogue’s during holidays? Like, for instance, we’d send our troops over to help out duringRoshashana, and they’d lend us their Mary Poppins team on Easter. Hey, it could work. Well, it might.


Leslee said...

Hey, intersting idea there on the Jewish babysitters, I might bring it up at our next staff meeting scheduled for later today. Thanks for the tips.

the reverend mommy said...

Hmm... We talked about head-lice in the preschoolers, smooching love-birds (54 years old!) in the parking lot who were overseen by the youth (Gross!!) and who needed to book the donkey for Palm Sunday.

Yep, staff meetings. Don't you love 'em?

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