Friday, March 17, 2006

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One would think that working in the area of truth and moral solitude acts as a deterrent for social evils such as gimics, marketing barkers, and the like. I am discovering in my adventures here at work church, that this is oh, not so.

I answered a call last week and instead of hearing a voice addressing me, the answerer, I heard voices in the background, the tone was cubical, and the sense was campfire-like. It felt like a group of cubical-ites were gathered around in a huddle chittering about something. I waited.
I heard a distant voice say, “ NO you keep asking for the children’s minister, they never let you talk directly to them, but if you keep at it, eventually you’ll get them, THEN you start to sell the product. You just have to keep at it.

I sat in shock, popped my gum and waited. The pop must have spoken because the chit chat stopped, the fire was doused and a very low, calm rich voice spoke.
Well. I never let the syllables completely sound out. I sat upright in my chair and said, “ I think you should know that I can hear everything going on in the background and I find it very offensive and I don’t want you to ever call here again.” Then I hung up. I was shaking and realized later that I had shocked my own self. Who did I think I was speaking so directly to a total stranger who could, of course, be Jesus in disguise as a telemarketer? I hope God will forgive me.

Two staff members were standing outside my office. They stopped their conversation and looked at me as if I was suddenly growing green and slimy appendages; as if my friendly mask was dissolving only to reveal my true black-hearted dagger self. Their eyes grew large, and One friend stepped over the threshold into my cave and held up her hand for a high five, calling out enthusiastically, “ Now there’s some good therapy paying off, sister!” Gosh, I guess you just never know........

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Leslee said...

laughing... that's funny! I've had to get like that before, but I've never heard the background noise, I just hate when strangers call me and act like we're best friends.

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