Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cedric has moved in. His cousin Chester was a squatter mouse in my office closet last spring, and before we “sprung” him, he apparently sent word to Cedric that the “eating was good so come on down” Mouse express isn’t as quick as Fed Ex, so I guess it took a while for word to reach the cousin, and then of course he had to tie up loose ends wherever he was and then had to plan the trip down/or up here to Church Chick Central. Welcome Cedric. Hi and Bye.

Chester was a fine fellow, he was grateful for any crumbs he found, any seeds or random plastic lids, odd paper snacks. I can say he was fine , now that he is gone to a better place not-of-this-earth of course.

Cedric is of a different nature. I found a collection of picked through,unopened sunflower seeds on the floor of my closet and became suspicious a couple of weeks ago. I collected the seeds, added a few more along with some d-con to add a little spice. I tossed the mouse salad and spread it back down. There it sits, untouched nearly two weeks later. Hmm. Looked pretty tasty to me. Then again, what do I know, being human and all.

Yesterday, I was organizing my latest collection of desk nut- mix ingredients and noticed that the MnM almonds were open. Chewed open. Yuck. I panicked. What about the candy covered kisses? Untouched. Peanut MnM’s? not bothered. Walnuts? Nope, Cashews? All intact. Tea bags? Ready to dip. Swiss Miss – no sugar added.

GADZOOKS! The bag had been chewed and contents sampled. AHA!! It came to me!! Cedric is a picky eater!! A choosy chooser. A chocoholic. I tossed the bags, and boxed the rest, sealed them safely in hard plastic containers. I guess it is time to call the exterminator again, but I’m hoping that without his chocolate fix,Cedric may just pack up and go back where he came from.
Gosh. It makes me miss Chester. Sigh..

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Leslee said...

I hope he hasn't sent word out that there's good chocolate in the Church Chick's office!