Wednesday, August 17, 2005


There is lingo that accompanies every profession. I’ve been collecting words that “speak” to me since I’ve been here.
Sachristy- sounds like an insult, or a place where a murder victim would be found- nothing like a flower spot that it is.
Nave- a pirate word, I don’t see how this fits into a sanctuary without a ship to go along with it.
Narthex- a new allergy medicine to some, others find this space in the preface of the church sanctuary
Christocentric- this does NOT describe someone who is obsessive about Christ, but I’m not sure what it does say
Transcept- part of the spaceship Enterprise, this, in reality this can be found in an aerial view of the church as the main aisle and the front aisle that form a T in a cruciform church.
Cruciform church is not related to cauliflower or broccoli
Palm Frawns are not crawfish
Provinient is a word that makes me think of Pilgrims, but I am not sure what it means today
Confirmands are not irrational teenagers who are demanding. They are people who want to be confirmed
Sincture is not a description of a delicious,juicy food. It is also not a wound in need of stitches of liquid skin.
Sincture is, in fact, I don’t know.
Cya is not related to a unicorn. It is a short way of saying, cover your ass.
Paschal Calendars sound like soft renditions of the year at a glance. Soothing reminders of day to day living.
Sacramental Corporate Worship is a political tasting description of a way of worship.
Tintinabulator is not anything you would find in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. It is a row of bells that catch people’s attention when you want them to take notice.
Transboundary pollution is when you don’t stay in your own back yard.
Tryptic- three times cryptic, or when you are unable to walk down the center aisle of the church without tripping on a regular basis.
Implied pluralism- sounds sinister
Hello breaks- opportunities to get away from the topic at hand and speak to those around you or take a bathroom break.
Eschatology- go figure.
He’s looking for me syndrome- We’ve all seen that before.