Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Seeing Straight

Church Chicks need to know how to do lots of things, sure fire. One important task is writing. Writing quick notes to slide under the Pastor's door when you can't tell if he's in there with someone or if he is not in there at all or if he's in there alone. Those of us who remain a little shell shocked from disturbing our boss one too many times via the phone intercom will often times resort to using the slide-under-the-door method of communication. That is only one writing task, however. Others include-quick pen phone messages, and making last minute signs to hold up to the Pastor who is still on the phone after 30 minutes. -your wife is still waiting- is an example of an important sign one might use on occasion.

We are also the ones who find ourselves writing on the white board. The hallway outside my office holds up an information board.The white board says who is sick or dying or giving birth. These bits of info need to be clear and straight. As a Church Chick who does not own such a skill as seeing straight, my messages on the white board tend to travel much as a path up and around a steep mountain looks. ... my writing trails with bumps and sudden jerks about as much as a teen driver does as she drives the family car. You can see my dilemma.

The congregation, or anyone for that matter who enters the main hallway, passes by that sign to stay in the "know" and if the message isn't clear, there can be problems.
" Shirley Gufstark is the proud parent of... ? My God, it's a miracle!! The woman is 89 years old!!"
"Richard Blane has just been moved to Rex Rehab? The child's 2 days old! what rehab could he be having?"

You can see the Inquirer News potential ... It is an ongoing struggle for me and I'm happy to report, apparently for others in this biz as well. I am here to tell you that white boards are now equipped to help the slight of sighted. I purchased a new one this week that has faint lines and dots on it. You can't see them in passing, but you can sure read the type better. Go now, Go now I tell you, and buy one for your own church white board. It's worth the cost of shipping, I kid you not. The sooner you set things straight the sooner you can make your next mistake.