Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Resourcefulness?? never can have enough

So- resourcefulness is always a requirement, and is sometimes a spur of the moment experience.

Say, for instance a day starts out a little frantic, maybe staff meeting runs over, maybe a large part of the meeting is dedicated to discussing the congregational demands for coffee. Members are complaining about not having enough available caffeine between SS and Church. They don’t like the location of the coffee wells, or they take issue with the strength of the hot liquid. Important matters such as these can add time to important staffmeetings.

Yes, perhaps the day in the twilight zone of the church lady starts out as such. Then it progresses to copy machine mania .. and then, maybe a little fender bender makes itself known in the church parking lot, and then in the middle of trying to calm the senior citizen who clipped the church lady’s car, a full beef tenderloin lands in the church lady’s only free hand. The grocery bag is hung over her gaping claws, the delivery person mouthing who it needs to go to…. Be delivered to….while her other hand is clutching the phone, the church lady is multitasking, reading lips and trying to decipher what the insurance company is telling her about her car over the phone. Meanwhile, the driver impaired senior is pacing the hallways of God, trying to beg forgiveness for his sins, then forgetting what those sins were, and then further forgetting who he is praying to – oh the chaos of a cold Monday.

An experienced Church Chick will not let such mania distract her from her duties. She may very well remain on hold, squeezing the receiver between her ear and shoulder, freeing up a hand to uncrank her office window. Looping the plastic bag over the window lock, she may push the meat outside and quick crank the window shut. Now, when the tenderloin is picked up, it will be well chilled. Problem solved.

The insurance people will call back, so that call can end.

Leaving the Church Chick with the pacing orthopedic shoes. There’s a rhythm to pacing, ladies. If you stand and just watch the doorway, the pattern will emerge.. Similar to jumping rope, time your entrance, and just take a giant step into the travel path of the pacer and wait with open arms. Hug the distraught soul, and send them on their way. Then, be grateful for the mentor who trained you so well. An inexperienced CL may not have fared so well.

Church Chick


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