Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pranks in-house

I like to find ways to invite the passers by to stop by my office. I like company, I guess. I also enjoy watching human nature in action, I like watching nature, as well. WE'll get to that later.

I keep a small white board attached to my office door and I call it the Joy board. The big parent white board is used for births,deaths,and illnesses. period. I thought it might be nice to have a board for the incidentals life brings into our path. So, we use it for things like children getting good grades, vacation celebrations, birthdays, just because stuff. The people who come by are interested in all of it.

I received a lovely photo in the mail a while ago, an ad for a photo agency. THe family photo looked like it could be you or your neighbor. Very real. I cut off the advertisment border and stuck it on my door. I hoped someone would come by and say, " Oh, there's the Jones', I haven
t seen them around church recently, wonder what they are doing..." or " Oh! I know them!! lovely family, what is their name again?" The picture brought about lots of hesitant moments. People would stop and look and think, then move on. I later found out that many of them were afraid they didn't know the family, so they just said nothing. One couple commented on the lovliness of the family pic and asked who they were. I got great joy from watching people come by and try to figure that picture out. Truth is, if I knew who they really were, I'd offer them an invitation to work church, as they seem to fit right in, anonymous or not. Oh, that's another unwritten job in our ever-growing CL job descrip. Keep the congregation on their toes whenever possible.

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