Monday, June 20, 2005

Don't get too far ahead

Let’s face it, people- the staff that surround us depend on us for those million and one scrips and scraps of information. Where is this? When is that? Who do you think you are? All of it and more … Second guessing can be a handy tool at times, but be forewarned- don’t go overboard.

Being too far ahead of the game can backfire if you aren’t careful. Even the best intentions can become self-angst if misguided or driven by late afternoon panic. You never know when a class that you have copied weekly lesson handouts for for several weeks, may jump the schedule or skip around. Don’t let it go to your head if you come in early or stay late copying a semester full of weekly classroom sheets, or you may find yourself standing before the paper guillotine axing them, trimming them, or making paper doll decorations for your office with them.
On the other hand, one can never have enough note paper, now, can one?

Church Chick

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