Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Church Lady Subscription

Thank you for inquiring about The Church Lady Chronicles-
Subscriptions are free- for a limited time, of course, and we'd like to offer you this
wonderful opportunity!!
The Church Lady Chronicles will enlighten those who wonder what it is that
Church ladies actually do-
Research shows that the daily experiences of Church Chicks parallel life in general.
For instance, the frustrations parents endure while trying to manage their teenage daughters often times resembles the frustration of trying to use a multi-line phone with no labels on the buttons and that has a permanent set of engraved directions on the back of the black phone, embossed black on black, and in a language not- of –this- universe.
The potential for understanding between the parents/teens and the CL/phone is pretty much the same. Even on a good day, when conversations are almost coherent with young adults, there are moments when you almost connect, then, without warning, tempers flare, hormones rage, and the conversation goes down the drain.
In the life of a Church lady, the phone rings, she answers it, realizes that it is still ringing; she is so close to having a connection, so close. She puts the receiver on the desk to (AHA!) read the directions that have been place so conveniently on the underneath side of the phone, and realizes when she turns the machine over to read it, that her call is immediately disconnected. So close, in both situations. and yet....
We look forward to hearing from our subscribers, feedback is very helpful to us-
We will send you the back issues tomorrow, as soon as we have your reply.
Thanks again for your interest in The Church Lady Chronicles

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